dino dash outdoor team building activity idea

The Concept

Dino Dash gives a great opportunity for your team to blow the cobwebs away with a fast-paced, engaging, outdoor challenge at your hotel or conference centre. It’s a race with a difference. The stages of the activity require problem solving, developing and rehearsing a specific routine to be carried out under the pressure of a race as well as some light physical exercise.

The event is visually fun, (where else do you get the chance to race a dinosaur?!), immersive for all participants and a good excuse for some fresh air outdoors.

How It Works

The principles of Dino Dash are based on the historic Royal Tournament Field Gun Race. Each team is tasked with racing their dinosaur through a simple obstacle course.

Following a brief from one of our professional presenters, the first stage of the activity is simply to understand how to construct the life size, sit-upon dinosaur. It is made up of a number of brightly coloured wooden pieces. Each team works out the logic of which piece must be slotted where and in what sequence to construct their model. Once understood, they must rehearse the routine of dismantling and reassembling the dinosaur to reduce the time they can do it in.

The second stage of the activity is the race!

Teams allocate a jockey to sit on their assembled dinosaur as their teammates push it to the first obstacle where the Dino must be taken apart and passed through the obstacle piece by piece. This is a good test of the team’s memory and practiced procedures. They must draw on their rehearsed routine to quickly reassemble their Dino the other side of the obstacle before the sprint to the finish line… with the same seated jockey.

The team with the best routine and discipline under pressure will inevitably win!

Dino Dash makes for a fun and colourful stand alone and competitive activity, or as part of a multi-activity day.

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 Watch Dino Dash in action here


Great For

  • Communication
  • Delegation
  • Feel good factor
  • Team discipline/procedures


Activity Details

Number of participants:                Ideal for teams of 5 or 6. Maximum number in 1 session would be 64.

Time                                                   Ideal for 30 – 60 minutes.

Indoors or outdoors:                      Outdoors (a simplified version can be done indoors)

Event locations:                               UK



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