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The Concept

Inspired by the chariot races depicted in the epic film Ben Hur, this is your chance to become charioteers and experience the excitement, thrills and spills of the Roman Races.

After an initial brief from the presiding Roman Emperor, who welcomes your group to his Roman Races, each team is provided with a specially adapted basic pedal-powered kart. The kart has the skeletal body of a horse whose front legs move whilst the ‘charioteer’ pedals the kart, to create the illusion that the horse is truly alive and running. The challenge now is to design and build your perfect horse with accompanying chariot and get the best place on the grid to win the ensuing relay race. By creating a sponsorship pitch to the Emperor, additional resources can be earned with which to create a truly powerful-looking  steed and impressive chariot.


How It Works

When the Emporium opens, each team can buy all manner of creative items and materials to bring their horse to life. The best looking beast takes pole position on the starting grid.  Tension is high before the Emperor drops his hand to start the race. A series of team heats are held. The winning teams go through to the final race.

The racing rules of the track are quite clear, however not everyone plays by the book and contentious decisions are decided upon with either the crown turning their thumbs up…. or down, in true coliseum tradition!!  Roman Races is a unique team building event that has so much to do. It truly is a magnificent spectacle as the horses gallop around the track, their front legs pounding over the ground. The activity is designed with multiple roles so that everyone has multiple opportunities to get involved either in an area they particularly enjoy, or one that is new to them, ensuring maximum engagement and fun for all.

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Great For

  • Collaboration and Creativity within each team
  • Competition between teams
  • Problem Solving
  • Energising a Team


Activity Details

Number of participants:                10 – 400

Indoors or outdoors:                      This is an in-person, outdoor activity

Event locations:                               UK & Europe – Any location with a suitable flat, level outdoor space

What will I need:                             Bring a good sense of fun with you.


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