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Recent teambuilding Innovation keeps Blue Hat Teambuilding at the top of their game by Ben Parkinson

Benjamin-Button Recent teambuilding Innovation keeps Blue Hat Teambuilding at the top of their game by Ben Parkinson

Blue Hat’s Ben Parkinson lines up F1 drivers on start line at Silverstone Race Track on British Grand Prix weekend.

Innovation is crucial in any industry. In terms of the events industry, it helps keep things fresh and interesting for delegates and produces new ways to engage employees with key corporate messages. Through continual innovation, Blue Hat Teambuilding have developed the most advanced portfolio of novel and involved team activities and team building experiences available in the industry.

Here are a few examples from the 9 new teambuilding experiences Blue Hat have recently developed and delivered for corporate and agency clients.

Roman Races saw over 400 delegates design and create working mechanical horses for a chariot race at a famous race track just outside Rome, as part of an incentive trip for top performers.

Puppet Magic. Drawing on expertise from the creators of War Horse, we created an inspirational workshop 100 delegates in Scotland explored their company values through the medium of puppetry.

We created a series of games in a similar style to the TV show Taskmaster to highlight the benefits of a new product launched to the 120 sales people who would then be selling it.

We designed and delivered a brand experience on the start/finish straight of Silverstone on British Grand Prix F1 weekend. The British themed cycle obstacle course saw teams captained by F1 drivers and made up of celebrities and fans from the crowd.

Our Trap the Rat teambuilding game has had a massive upgrade with brand new structures, adding a new level of complexity, intrigue and fun which has created the most engaging Trap the Rat experience ever.

And finally, our feature-rich Team Quest tablet treasure hunt app has yet another new and unique feature that allows for genuine collaborative experience through ‘Clans’. We split 500 delegates into 100 teams, each in one of 10 clans split over 10 coaches. From different start points, teams visited different locations from London to their final destination of Osea Island in the Thames estuary. Each coach took a different route, stopping off at different towns along the way, with teams completing mystery location based checkpoint challenges throughout the journey. Instead of points, teams won ‘impacts’, with each generating a genuine positive impact to a person in need around the world.

If you’d like to know how we can provide intelligent, sophisticated and unique experiences for your next event, then simply email enq@bluehat-teambuilding.co.uk or call direct on 020 3551 2050



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