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Star of The Quarter – Brian Sobel

Rewarded Star Of the Quarter, Brian Sobel has been a valuable part of the freelance family and we wanted to ask him a few questions about his experience at Bluehat Group before he leaves for his next exciting journey, Australia!”

1)      What is your favourite Blue Hat event and why?

Hells Bells is definitely my current favourite. I’m a huge fan of unique experiences. There is nothing else out there that is quite like Hells Bells. Groups have to work together and pool their own talents in order to succeed. It has really strong takeaways to every day life in the workplace. Little victories are so important and I love seeing people’s faces when they solve the various challenges and tasks! This is an event I would personally love to participate in if it were presented to me.

2)      What’s the most valuable thing you’ve learnt in your time freelancing with Blue Hat?

Delegation is not just key, it’s paramount. I openly admit to being a bit of a micro-manager and to try and do everything myself. Blue Hat puts together great teams for events and I’ve learned a lot from the event managers and project managers about how to maximize the team’s skill sets. Blue Hat is my first real stint in the event industry and I really feel like they have taken me to a more professional level of organization. Thank you so much to the veteran freelancers and management for showing me tips/tricks towards positive event management/implementation!

3)      When you`re not busy presenting or event managing a Blue Hat event, what are you doing?

Before moving to London and working with Blue Hat Teambuilding I was a full time Acrobat and Circus instructor. London is a great city for business AND entertainment so I’m lucky to be able to both here. I freelance perform/instruct on the flying trapeze for a London based school called Gorilla Circus. I love acrobatics and plan to have it as a part of my life as long as I can!

brian2 Star of The Quarter - Brian Sobelbrian3 Star of The Quarter - Brian Sobel

4)      What is the most exciting event you have ever worked on?

Immediate thoughts go to a 500 person World Record breaking event held in Nashville, Tennessee. This was a trip back to my home country, now a representative of the UK. Seeing the sites of Nashville and solidifying friendships with the Blue Hat team, all the while delivering a professional and successful event really made this trip exciting. However, flying back into London very early morning and seeing the London eye and Westminster Abby along the Thames was the highlight. Arriving into Heathrow really feeling like I was coming home… even though I had just technically come from my home. Strange but fantastic to feel so international!

5)      Last year you moved from your home country of the USA to London, what has become your favourite thing to do in the capital?

My girlfriend and I are really into musical theatre so being close to the West End has been fantastic. We’ve seen a bunch of shows and always leave the theatre already planning our next one. People watching on the tube has been a close second. Now THAT is fun.

6)      What is your favourite British dish?

Pies! So many pies! Steak and Ale Pie has been a great addition to the menu of life. Although, I can absolutely do without Mince Pies at Christmas time. What’s up with those?!

7)      You’ve done quite a lot of travelling since moving to London, what has been your favourite European destination?

brian4 Star of The Quarter - Brian Sobel

Being a 1-3 hour flight away from so many European destinations has been fantastic… but I have to give the top spot to Cinque Terre in Italy. This is a vacation spot made up of five little villages you can only get to via vineyard/oceanside hikes, or by a small train system. Each village has its own amazing views and famous meals. So beautiful! #nofilter y’all.

8)      What is your favourite joke?

Why did the scarecrow get a promotion?

– He was outstanding in his field!

9)      We know you have a talent for balloon modelling, what is the most unusual one you’ve created or have been asked to create?

Over the years there have been a plethora of suggestions. One of my proudest creations was a 4 metre tall mermaid complete with trident. This was overlooking an ocean themed party in NYC. Recently I’ve taken to instagram to promote my balloon business. The last creation I made was a scene from Super Mario! However, the most unusual ones I’ve ever been asked to create are inappropriate for this blog, surely.

brian5 Star of The Quarter - Brian Sobel

10)   What 3 words would you use to describe your experience with Blue Hat?

Dry british humour.



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