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Take a look at how we’ve helped previous clients meet their own specific objectives and ensure that they have a lot of collaborative fun in the process:

Case Study – Virtual Escape Rooms

The Client Brief

A pharmaceutical company searching for a vaccine for Coronavirus need to give their team a morale boost having been working so hard for so long. They have an annual offsite meeting for 50 delegates from 8 different countries. Because of the travel ban and lockdown, they had to do things in a different way. To help them find the perfect solution, they called us.

Our Solution

Having been working on virtual solutions prior to lockdown, we already had a suite of activities ready to go. As with our standard practise, we listened to our client to understand what they wanted to achieve before offering solutions. On this occasion, our fully hosted virtual escape room was the right solution. It includes a wide variety of fun challenges that requires players to utilise items you’d typically find at home.

We chose Zoom to host the activity due to its breakout room functionality. After our main host greeted teams, ran an icebreaker, and gave a briefing, we split the group in 10 teams and sent them to their respective breakout rooms at a touch of a button.

The fun competitive atmosphere added to the experience and at the allotted time, we brought all teams back to the main meeting room for a wrap up which included a slide show of photos so they could see what they had all been up to and a run-down of the final leader board.

The Result

The whole process during the lead up to the event day, the delegate invitations and teaming lists, the logging on to a shared video conference meeting that included 50 delegates from 8 different countries, the host’s humour to set the atmosphere and of course the virtual escape room game itself ran seamlessly.

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Client Comments

“We had an excellent experience with the Team at Blue Hat. They were very attentive with organising the event and making sure it matched all our requirements. The game itself ran very smoothly and the added option of having live hosts is a must! They really set the mood and made everyone laugh! We all had so much fun and would highly recommend.”

Case Study – Virtual Who’s Who

The Client Brief

A British satellite company who offer global mobile services had pulled together 25 people from 4 different countries to work on a new project. Many of the individuals had not worked together before, or even met. The project lead recognised the principles of a high performing team and wanted to accelerate the process to ensure a project delivered on time and on budget. To improve communication and collaboration, its essential people get to know each other better and build trust, respect and rapport. So an event that enabled this to happen in just 60mins and delivered virtually during lockdown was required.

Our Solution

We had recently created a virtual version of our Who’s Who activity, which is a fun way for people to network. We started with a brief bit of science around elements of high performing teams and how trust, respect and rapport was a key enabler. Everyone had downloaded our app and their private game in advance of the meeting. During app set up, they are asked a few questions about themselves and become one of 16 game characters. Players must then collect as many of the other characters as they can. They do this by scanning other players QR code via a short conversation with other individuals. They meet, chat and scan codes all through a video conference to earn points. They are asked further questions about the character for bonus points. And if they find the person who answered all the questions the same, they have found their soulmate for points bonus. We utilised Zoom breakout room functionality to run this experience for this group. After a briefing in the main meeting room, we sent people off in pairs to different breakout rooms. When they had concluded their conversation, they came back to the main meeting room before being sent for another conversation with a different person.

The app created a fun and light-hearted format to gamify the experience and points were earned for various achievements, all in app. At the end, we delivered a fun and upbeat wrap up of the final leader board.

The Result

The fun and informative format got everybody talking and laughing together straight away. The group found it useful to understand the principles of a high performing team and what they could do to help move towards it. The gameplay itself is customisable, enabling us to tailor the questions around the client brief. A short and high impact session drew unanimous approval from all participants.

Client Comments

The Who’s Who activity that Blue Hat provided worked perfectly in getting people chatting and getting to know each other better before we embarked on our project with our new international team. Blue Hat set up and hosted the activity which took a lot of pressure of me as the main organiser and in fact enabled me to join in with everyone else. A great networking activity, perfect for remote workers and highly recommended.

Case Study – Virtual Pub Quizzes

The Client Brief

A global provider of telecoms equipment wanted to stay connected with their customers and say thank you. As it was during lockdown, they weren’t able to visit their clients in person, so we were asked to create a branded hybrid event to include a mixture of virtual and real whilst entertaining groups from different customer companies.

Our Solution

We tailored one of our popular quiz formats to create a Virtual Pub Quiz. Each contestant was sent a hamper in the post prior to the event date containing a range of craft beers and snacks and some quiz props and promotional giveaway items – everything with the companies branding on it. This created a sense of anticipation before the events even began and enabled a pub vibe on the night as colleagues could collaborate and enjoy drinks together from their respective homes.

Each quiz lasted about 75mins end to end and included a number of different fun and engaging rounds, including a bonus round designed around the telecoms provider. The variety and fun delivery through our professional quiz host kept everyone engaged and laughing throughout.

We chose Zoom as the platform for the activity as at the time, it was the only video conferencing software with breakout rooms functionality. This meant that teams could emulate a pub environment where you hunker down around your team table to discuss answers without the competition hearing you.

The Result

We were initially asked to provide 4 quizzes, but due to the success of what we created and the positive feedback from participants, we were asked to provide a further 7 to different customer groups. This totalled 200 personalised quiz boxes sent out and 11 Zoom quiz sessions.Although inter-team quizzes are commonplace, this group and others since recognised the difference of a professionally run activity and the added element of the personalised boxes.

Client Comments

When we had a high profile customer event to deliver, we knew it had to be perfect from the first minute to the last, so we instinctively called Blue Hat who had delivered events for us for many years. Sure-enough they delivered on all aspects of the brief yet again. But more than that, there were very attentive to last minute changes we had to make, and they made the whole process easy and fun for me as the main organiser. They remain my go-to team building and events company.

Case Study – Beat The Clock

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Case Study – Eden

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