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Give-Back teambuilding events that make a real impact on real lives of disadvantaged people

Corporate companies who invest in their local and global communities demonstrate to their employees that they genuinely care about the long term. And if that care is extended to people outside the organisation, then you can bet it also includes those within it.

To provide a greater choice of high quality events for our customers, we’ve created a suite of Give-Back teambuilding events that are fun and challenging for group sizes large and small and can take place anywhere in the world. Some of the more popular Give-Back teambuilding events are listed below.

In fact, we have the ability to turn any team event experience into a Give-Back event that will leave your whole group with a terrific sense of personal worth. We do this with our giving partner who helps us transfer team points into positive impacts on those in need around the world. To date, we’ve helped our clients generate a whopping 1.2 MILLION impacts.

So often, employees who are given opportunities to do something to help others, tend to display greater loyalty, pride and motivation for their employers. What better for a genuine win win scenario? And who wouldn’t want that!

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