New this summer – the UK’s largest crystal dome!

The best mobile dome themed team building activity, just got even better!

Say hello to our new ‘little’ friend……

We are delighted to introduce you to our brand new 5 METRE TALL inflatable dome making it the largest in the UK so we can bring your clients the most iconic challenge finale just like the TV show!

You won’t find a bigger dome in the UK, so this is sure to wow your client’s delegates with its sheer size.

It also has unique blowing system which creates a vortex designed to avoid the foils sticking to the side in one place and a unique entry system to avoid the dome deflating when you enter and exit (two things you’ll find on other people’s versions).

And here’s 3 more reasons why it’s the ideal team building activity and a fan favourite:

1. It’s a theme that everyone instantly recognises.
2. There’s loads of variety and something for everyone as teams rotate around different activity zones from our Jurassic and Industrial Zones to our Medieval and Skills Zones and more. Teams can work to the strengths of individuals in their team to be successful.


3. We have indoor and outdoor activity options so can be flexible to suit your venue spaces and the weather.


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