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5 Tips for Building a Winning Team

posit 5 Tips for Building a Winning Team1)      Communicate

Bet you didn’t see that one coming!? It cannot be stressed enough that talking and listening to each individual member of a team is paramount in understanding what makes them tick. Their aspirations and their reservations of their job role should be noted down in your little black team building book of success. Designate some time every week for individual catch-ups and evaluations.

2)      Set goals

Don’t just come up with arbitrary figures and targets. Work with each individual team member in order to understand what makes them tick and how they can push themselves to become better at their role. Celebrate individual and group achievements. Showing acknowledgement of good work will not only illustrate appreciation of your team’s hard work and effort, but will also shape the commitment poured into future tasks.

3)      Socialise/Get out of the office

If you integrate with your team outside of work, you’ll be far more likely to get to know them on a different level and add a new dynamic to your relationship which will make you more approachable and vice versa. From team building activities to a casual drink down the pub, always take the time out to really get to know your team to the fullest and continue to nurture the bonding process on a daily basis.

4)      Learn strengths & weaknesses

Once you’re aware of your team’s fallibilities and fortes, work with them constructively to make sure their utilised to their best of their abilities. Constructing a team that has a broad enough skill set to cover each area of demand can be a tricky task. Make sure you’re fully aware of where your team’s skills lie and attempt to fill the gaps through smart delegation and encouraging individual’s skills that might be less obvious to them to flourish.

5)      Lead by example

You have to practice what you preach. Everything you demand of your team should be opitimised in your own performance. Demonstrating the traits you find most desirable in a team will rub off on others and provide your team with an example of what can ultimately be achieved if they follow suit.

hr 5 Tips for Building a Winning Team

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