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Turn your surplus into a precious gift for those in need at your next event

In a £36 billion industry waste is an inevitable by-product of events, but there are lots of charitable organisations that we can work with to reduce our carbon footprint and help people worldwide.

TEABAG is a charity in aid of The Education And Book Appeal for Ghana. The work carried out by the charity aims to improve the education of young people in Ghana by providing basic equipment, books and educational facilities.

During a busy event season, thinking about your waste after an event is often furthest from mind, after all it may only be a couple of items. But over a small space of time this surplus can quickly add up to a significantly useful amount of items that projects such as TEABAG can pass on to people that will make a real difference to their lives.

Russell Hargreaves, logistics manager for team building specialists Bluehat Group says, “As soon as we found out about TEABAG, our perception of ‘waste’ completely changed. Many of our events involve the use of coloured t-shirts for team games, stationery and even tents for one of our Guinness World Records team challenges. It’s great to know that these leftovers are now going to somewhere worthwhile and will make a difference to people’s lives.”

TEABAG operates in various locations not only in education but also helping with medical care and encouraging the communities we work in, to take more responsibility for the environment in which they live.

Reducing the environmental impact of corporate events means engaging our entire company in making changes and considering a variety of ways to reduce waste or create a more positive by-product. Click here for more information and inspiration on some specific community and charity team building events.



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