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Unique Experience at a Unique Venue

The Science Museum recently chose Bluehat Group to become their preferred partner for team building experiences at the iconic London venue.

The Science Museum were looking for a partner with unrivalled creativity, a strong track record of working with top corporate firms and the ability to create a unique set of themed team building events specifically for the museum. They quickly recognised how Bluehat used their imagination to invigorate and inspire corporate employees to develop teams that work better and more profitably for clients in the long term.

Maintaining team strength is essential for business growth. To help you achieve original and compelling team building experiences will give a spark to your workforce. Bluehat Group have the largest choice of team building activities in the UK and have the unrivalled ability to design an event that’s completely unique and tailored to your people and your business needs. We are accountable for your investment in your people and that’s why we provide you with tangible results, by measuring the outcome of your event through our unique event measurement tool – ‘Indicator™’.

With such a unique team building event offering, it’s a humbling opportunity to work alongside such a unique and iconic venue.

Mark Dishington, Account Director at Bluehat Group, commented: “We’re delighted to work so closely with such a unique venue. We’ve created some inspiring team building experiences that we’ll run exclusively at this inspirational venue. The activities have been designed around the spaces available for hire and harness the essence of the Science Museum. They will energise team meetings and create opportunity for meaningful team discussion and group discovery.”

Alicia Earls, communications manager for corporate events at the Science Museum, commented: “Bluehat Group has developed some fantastic activities, which will be a great addition to our daytime events offering. We are confident that the new packages will become a sought-after educational event option for New Year ‘kick-off’ meetings and end of financial year away-days.”

The new experiences for teams from 6 up to 400 are available to book in conjunction with hire of the museum’s diverse collection of event spaces. The new offering features a range of challenging activities, including Team Quest, with its bespoke designed 3D indoor mapping created exclusively for the Science Museum, where each team is issued with an electronic tablet before going on a voyage of discovery around the museum. Other activities include Rollercoaster Challenge, Animate, Rat Trap and Mexican Railway.

This partnering of two leading firms in their own rights has created a win:win:win situation – Bluehat Group will now deliver events at one of London’s major attractions, the Science Museum are now able to offer additional services to its customers with a wide range of award winning activities and corporate clients now have the opportunity to truly inspire and motivate their teams with unique team building experiences at such an iconic venue.



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