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Choosing the right venue for your event can significantly influence your delegate experience. It will define how they engage with the core event content, which is the whole point of running the event in the first place.

We often find that clients book their venue first and then consider the events creative content second. This gives the booker a ‘secure’ feeling having confirmed a substantial part of their event but often results in ‘shoe-horning’ brilliant ideas for content into a sub optimal space. Doing it this way round has the potential to reduce the impact of your key message delivery and ultimately reduces the ROI you receive from your event.

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There are over 24,000 venues in the UK suitable for corporate use, so plenty of choice and no need to stress if the one you wanted isn’t available. Every venue will have pro’s and con’s when comparing to your event brief, so be prepared to compromise on some factors. These include location, access, room size, natural daylight, price, parking, outdoor space, free Wi-Fi, private dining, bedrooms, payment terms and more. We are here to point you in the right direction and highlight how factors will influence the success of your event and help you make the best choice for the most successful event.

If you have a venue in mind and would like to understand if you’ve been offered a competitive rate then drop us a line and we’ll give you a region by region rate check so you can confirm your booking with the confidence you’re getting a good deal.

Of course it shouldn’t be all about the price but about the best value. A venue that has space that works for your content, that provides helpful and proactive staff, is easy to get to, has great catering and is able to inspire those who do attend is much more valuable and will deliver a far higher event ROI so is worth paying a little more for.

Why do venue booking agencies ask our advice on venues? The glossy brochure and flashy web visuals paint a venue in a light that isn’t always congruent with first-hand experience. As we are the guys onsite on the day of your event (having delivered thousands of events over the last few years) we have valuable first-hand experience of thousands of venues across the country. This constant feedback from our team informs us of the changing state of a venue and how helpful the staff are. And if you didn’t already know, helpful venue staff add so much more to your on-site experience than the colour of the wall paper or the fabric of the curtains. It’s for this reason that venue finding agencies ask for our opinion before recommending venue options to their clients.

Finally, before you sign the venue contract, pay attention to the terms of trade. Are the attrition rates acceptable? Is the room you were shown around listed as your specific room to avoid the venue moving you to a less impressive space on event day?…and there’s a whole host of other things to consider.

For advice on venue options, please speak to one of our venue experts.

‘I just want to say thank you again for the wonderful organisation from you and your team who ran the event for us on Friday afternoon. It was all round a great success and I received some wonderful feedback from everyone. Not only that but the venue was perfectly suited and a great recommendation. So, well done!’    – Ernst & Young

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