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Virtual Escape Room

Teams must solve a range of tasks, puzzles and challenges delivered via an app, to escape the rooms in the quickest time possible. This can be experienced as a fully-hosted event, or as a self-run option. Whether there are 2 of you playing or 1000+, the clock starts ticking when you start your game and time shows no favouritism! Can you Escape the Rooms in the fastest time?

Using our state-of-the-art app, it’s a race against the clock to escape 4 virtual rooms and we estimate it will take you about an hour to escape.
Each room, you will face a range of fun challenges, thought provoking tasks, quizzical puzzles and more!

Here’s how it works…

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Each one solved gives you a clue to the exit codeword. Use that exit codeword to advance to the next room and eventual freedom.
After your event, we’ll announce the scores and send you a leader board so that you can see exactly where you all placed.
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Ready to show off your skills?


All you need is a team of 5 and access to your preferred video conferencing software. We would recommend Teams or Zoom for this (but any with share screen function should be fine).

Choose a team captain to download the app so they can share their app screen with the team via your company’s video conferencing app. You’ll all need to get involved to escape in the quickest possible time!

Deutsche-bank Virtual escape room

Get Started in 3 easy steps

green-dot-bluehat-1-70 Virtual escape roomSign up your teams to play exclusively or in a tournament
green-dot-bluehat-2-70 Virtual escape roomGet all team members to download and log in to your chosen video conferencing programme
green-dot-bluehat-3-70 Virtual escape roomReceive your login details to enter the Virtual Escape Room. Your instruction booklet or your host will guide you from there!

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Brands that trust us

99f27734-allher-client-testimonial-original_082091081091000000001 Virtual escape room

We used Blue Hat for a team building event in December 2019. It was a huge success and everyone enjoyed themselves, the staff were on hand and joined in the fun.


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