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The Concept

Get your team sparking off each other, whilst they take part in a famous TV gameshow format with their colleagues…

Inspired by one of the longest running international gameshows ever, we bring you ‘Our Survey Says’. If you are looking for a fun and memorable activity to be run virtually or in-person, Our Survey Says will entertain your entire group.

How It Works

Our professional hosts will entertain your guests and ensure a highly interactive session, encouraging banter between participants and injecting humour.

All teams are warmed up with a fun energiser to learn some interesting facts about each other. Then the team that wins the “fastest finger first” question chooses to play or pass. The team in play then works together in their team ‘family’ to try to match all the answers from the given survey questions.

A correct answer puts points on the board. A wrong answer earns a ‘strike’. Get three strikes and the play passes to the other team who have one opportunity to steal the accumulated points from that round.

We offer the option to run your own internal survey too! Want to tailor the experience to your brand and key messages? We can do that too!

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Great For

  • Energising & motivating your team
  • Refreshing the mind
  • Engaging and fun

Small Team Experience

If you are looking for an event that can deliver an exceptional experience for a small team, then look no further! On the last Friday of each month at 3pm GMT throughout 2021, Blue Hat Teambuilding hosts events especially for small teams with limited budgets, for just £240+vat. Find out when our next Our Survey Says event is being hosted here. Alternatively if you have a special request, please email our team directly at

Activity Details

Number of participants: 10 – 300
In person or virtual: This is a virtual activity suitable for remote workers
Event locations: Any location with an internet connection.
What will I need: Participants will need access to video conferencing software. We recommend Zoom, MS Teams, Cisco Webex or Google Meet

Blue Hat events are always engaging, fun and well run. I have used them for all kinds of events with very varied teams in 3 different companies, ranging from a dozen to over 150 people. I can always be confident that they will deliver an uplifting and thought provoking experience for the team”


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