Survey Says

The live and in-person version of our Family Fortunes gameshow experience. It’s sure to give your team a fun and memorable time. And that’s guaranteed!




Event Duration: 1-2 hours Group Sizes: 10-180 | Venue: INSIDE or VIRTUAL | Locations: UK & Worldwide | Outcome: MemorableOriginalCompetitive

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What Is Survey Says?

A game of Family Fortunes! Get your team sparking off each other, whilst they take part in a famous TV gameshow format with their colleagues… Inspired by one of the longest-running international gameshows ever, we bring you ‘Our Survey Says’. If you are looking for a fun and memorable activity to be run virtually or in-person, Our Survey Says will entertain your entire group.

“I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for the Our Survey Says Gameshow, it was such a great game made all the better with the fabulous hosts, Ben, Robin and Luutsche, they made the game and the humour they brought was spot on and just what we all needed! We learnt some very interesting facts about some of our colleagues too! I’ll be sure to recommend this game to others and wouldn’t be surprised if you have enquiries from some of our leaders for their own team events. Truly great evening, thank you to you and your team again, I’ll be in contact for future events for sure.”~ SAP

How it Works

Our professional hosts will entertain your guests and ensure a highly interactive session, encouraging banter between participants and injecting humour.

All teams are warmed up with a fun energiser before the main action begins. The first survey is revealed and teams are invited to give an answer. The team that hits the “fastest finger first” buzzer first gets to give the first answer. But sometimes being too hasty doesn’t pay off as it’s the person who finds the highest answer that chooses for their team to play or pass.

The team in play then works together in their team ‘family’ to try to match all the answers from the given survey questions. A correct answer puts points on the board. A wrong answer earns a ‘strike’. Get three strikes and the play passes to another team who have one opportunity to steal the accumulated points from that round.

Once all the rounds have been played, the two teams with the highest accumulated scores go through to the final round where they play head to head on one final quickfire round.

We offer the option to run your own internal survey too which we’ll turn into rounds of the gameshow. Want to customise the experience to your brand and key messages? We can do that too!


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