The Concept

Whilst cabin fever is not a real diagnosis, many people at the moment are becoming tired, listless, and irritable from having to stay home for so many months – and this feeling is certainly real.

There are, however, certain physical and mental techniques that can be taught and repeated on a regular basis that can help combat these feelings and wake up one’s wellbeing.

By taking a 90-minute break, your team has the opportunity to learn something new and put it into practice in a fun and engaging way with the Wellbeing Wake Up activity.


How It Works

We have identified 5 Ways of Wellbeing, each chosen to touch on different aspects of wellbeing; being ACTIVE, getting CREATIVE, instilling CONNECTION, stirring MINDFULNESS and engendering COMMUNITY.

Our live host will introduce each topic before sharing a pre-recorded video of hand-picked experts in their field to introduce and explain the basic concepts and why they are beneficial.

Our host will then issue a challenge to your team to perform in keeping with the topic before moving to the next subject. Each task is designed to be fun, simple, thoughtful and engaging and repeatable moving forward.

To help your team revisit the 5 Ways of Wellbeing, we will offer a pdf takeaway with the key messages embedded.

Got a question? You can read our virtual activities FAQ’s or contact us directly by emailing

The Wellbeing Wake Up Trailer

Great For

  • Helping team members combat “cabin fever”
  • Reducing stress and the associated complications
  • Creating energy and positivity
  • Encouraging a sense of purpose beyond the bounds of ‘work’
  • Increasing productivity

Small Team Experience

If you are looking for an event that can deliver an exceptional experience for a small team, then look no further! On the last Friday of each month at 3pm GMT throughout 2021, Blue Hat Teambuilding hosts events especially for small teams with limited budgets, for just £240+vat. Find out when our next Wellbeing Wake Up event is being hosted here. Alternatively if you have a special request, please email our team directly at

Activity Details

Number of participants: 10 – unlimited
In person or virtual: This is a virtual activity suitable for remote workers
Event locations: Any location with an internet connection.
What will I need: Participants will need access to video conferencing software. We recommend Zoom or MS Teams.

Try Before You Buy

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