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What does ‘Team Building’ mean to you?

Team Building; noun; activities that help a group work together more effectively as a team.

Now an example of the word used in a typical Bluehat event conversation; “Could you pass me some glitter for my flag I’m designing for my cardboard chariot I’ll be racing later in the team building finale”. So what does the word Team Building mean to you?

Team building can mean many different things to many different people and this variety of definition is usually dependent on the team building activities you have experienced in the past. Some believe it is a miracle potion that will instantly make your staff work in perfect harmony; others can be a tad more cynical. Well I’m not too sure about miracle potions but if you’ve had the opportunity to experience one of Bluehat’s team building days you would more than likely define team building as a fun activity that has broken down barriers, engaged with your staff and given your company the perfect environment to get to know each other better. Pretty simple right?

There is no singular definition of team building; you could say it’s a kind of philosophy. It’s neither a miracle potion nor a waste of time, having fun with your colleagues and getting to know them is essential to the overall effectiveness of your team. The interactions you have on the day might not seem like a lot, but they are essentially the seeds of relationships being planted that might not have otherwise been put in place in a corporate setting. But it’s important that you define what team building means to you and what you want to achieve from it, only then can you take full advantage of the potential outcomes.

Here at Bluehat we take pride in delivering team building events that go further than simply fulfilling an event brief, we are one of the few events companies in London to go further and create an event that works with your personal definition of team building. We recognise that your individuality as a company is your strength so we choose and tailor events that fit with that individual definition of team building. So why not get in touch with us today to tell us what team building means to you.




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