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When we all pull together, the sky’s the limit.

I remember the first time I travelled in an airplane. Then I walked past the pilot, and I knew this was the man who would make sure that I would get to Florida safely. I saw a brave, heroic man in an impressive uniform, looking confident with the task at hand. Looking back, I know that there were so many more people who were responsible for that flight and for ensuring that the plane took off and landed safely. From the engineers who built the plane to the flight controllers, to the pilot and crew to name the obvious few, there was a whole team- some more visible than others- that worked together in the process that ensured my safety in getting from point A to B.

In all teams, there are members who are more and less visible, working together to maximise the efficiency and potential of the group for particular results. Sometimes, we don’t always see the input of all the members, who often work “under the radar”, but who are nonetheless vital to the overall success of the team. Think of an office, where certain people are the faces of the company, and others ensure that the company’s technology is running at all times; there are others in HR, who are accountable to the quality of the workforce, and still more who devote their time to the company’s financial organisation as well its culture through corporate and customer communications and relations. Each part is vital to the organisation as a whole, and no part can stand on its own.

Crucially, in order for a company to work as a team and really take flight- so to speak- each person needs to recognise the contributions of the others and understand how all the members contribute to the team. Communication, collaboration and engagement within the team are invaluable for the overall success and maximal achievements of each person and the team as a whole.





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