Why Virtual Away Days May Be Here To Stay

Article By Jill Martin Wrenn

BBC News Business reporter

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Ben Parkinson, co-founder of Blue Hat Teambuilding, says that online escape rooms have been his firm’s most popular virtual offering during the pandemic. Participants have to solve puzzles and complete challenges to win points for their teams.

Blue Hat has 25 years experience of planning in-person events, but switched to remote activities at the start of the pandemic. And such was the demand for them that Mr Parkinson says the firm has just had a record-breaking year.

“Our market has effectively grown,” he says. “We can now work with teams across the globe.”


Screenshots from Blue Hat's online escape room
Blue Hat Teambuilding’s escape room game can also be played via a participant’s mobile phone

With more than 40% of UK and US staff having worked from home due to the pandemic over the past year, virtual away days are both a way for established workmates to reconnect, and for new recruits to meet everyone.

People on a work away day
Not everyone will be relishing the world of in-person away days returning.

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