Beat the Clock

Your conference room is charged with an atmosphere of anticipation, excitement, and energy. Around you is a wonderful array of equipment for 101 tasks to be completed before the Clock counts down to 00:00:00.

Event Duration: 1-2.5 hours | Group Sizes: 15 – 1000+ | Venue: INSIDE | Locations: UK & Worldwide | Outcome: Fun, Bonding, Networking, Competitive, Relationship Building

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What Is Beat the Clock ?

It’s always one of our best-selling events that constantly receives outstanding customer feedback. We feel this is due to the diverse mix of challenges that makes the activity appeal to everyone, meaning each person in a team can contribute making this a fully inclusive activity ideal for introverts and extroverts, creatives and problem solvers and everything in between. It’s the perfect event for encouraging networking, getting to know your colleagues, and providing some light-hearted competition.

“We’ve received great feedback from the wider team regarding the Beat the Clock challenge. A number of people stated that they enjoyed it even more than last year as the challenges allowed people to focus on activities that they were comfortable with, whether they were physical or mental activities. The team did a really great job on the day so please pass on our thanks. All in all, it was a thoroughly enjoyable day and it’d be great to work with you again for the next event.”~ Accenture

How it Works

The clock starts ticking and the pressure is on. How does each team react? Some will open their team pack to plan their strategy and read all the rules and instructions, others will charge off like uncontrollable kids in a toy shop trying to gorge themselves on accomplishing the fun and varied activities. Each challenge has a Gold, Silver & Bronze difficulty and scoring level from the following categories – Creative – General Knowledge – Mental – Physical – Reconnaissance – Sensory – Technical. From puzzles to putting, drawing to dancing, perfumes to pom-poms, antiques to antics, landmarks to logos, Rubik’s to road signs… there’s so much to do and so little time. Furiously, the teams try to complete the challenges they have started to earn as many points as they can before the clock hits zero.

The perfect activity for hidden teambuilding as teams communicate, collaborate, play to their strengths, manage their time and resources – all wrapped up in a fun, engaging, energetic atmosphere!

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