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Our goal is to bring out the best in your people.

We help employee teams of 100 to 1000+ build trust, respect and rapport with each other to create a high-performance culture.

We do this through fun, shared and meaningful team activity experiences.

Team building leads to…

-a happier workplace
-better staff retention rates
-a more motivated team
-an improved team communication
-a culture of psychological safety
-a stronger buy-in to the company vision
-and more…

And this creates happier customers and better bottom line performance.

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    "It really did exceed my expectations; the feedback we’ve had from delegates has been fantastic. Hells Bells highlighted our message effectively: the benefits of working as a team rather than individually, the whole being greater than the sum of the parts."
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    I just wanted to drop you both a note to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU!!! On behalf of the management team. From start to finish, the last two days went extremely well all thanks to Blue Hat! Hells Bells was something else. We would highly recommend it. Your dedication, professionalism and customer service levels to running events are AMAZING! I am sure Blue Hat will be our go to now when needing a facilitated event. Thank you again.

    Your team is the most important thing in the world

    How can you unlock their full potential?

    With all colleagues working effectively together, communicating openly and honestly, and sharing a joined-up focus on the company’s mission. Achieve this and you will experience the joy and benefits of being part of a high-performing team.

    That’s where we come in.

    We specialise in developing high-performing teams through expertly crafted team building activities and facilitation. We work to a specific methodology that elevates what we can do.

    Our goal is to help you get your messages across in the most meaningful and memorable way so that the individuals in your team are motivated to thrive and display the optimal daily behaviours that lead to improved team results.

    Whether it’s a ‘just for fun’ shared experience to help your team build trust, respect, and rapport. Or a full-day learning workshop to inspire and motivate your team to the next level. Or anywhere in between.

    Choosing Blue Hat will mean your team will still be talking about their experience 6 months later.

    Great Team Building Events

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    Blue Hat were professional and supportive, working with us in collaboration to service our end client’s needs perfectly. Their input into the agenda and preparing us to facilitate the day around the main Hells Bells activity was invaluable. The Hells Bells was completely amazing - everyone was engaged doing so many tasks that added up to an amazing finale (sorry about the Count knocking down the castle!). Barriers were metaphorically and physically broken down and the team came together. Everyone went away energised, motivated and committed to delivering the business plan - exactly the outcomes we wanted!

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