Peace of mind with Blue Hat’s Covid Switch Guarantee

We’re helping to give our clients the confidence to plan events, by enabling them to switch event types after initial booking. Whether you are switching an in-person event to a virtual event or vice versa, we’ve got you covered with our flexible Covid Switch Guarantee.

In Summary

  1. You book an in-person or virtual team building event for later this year.
  2. Nearer the time, a change in Covid restrictions mean that you need to adapt your event type.
  3. We offer you alternative virtual, hybrid or in-person team building options.
  4. You simply choose one and we switch it for you, hassle free!

(May be subject to additional charges)

In a bit more detail

We’re helping give our clients the confidence to plan their annual event schedules, enabling them to maximise engagement levels with their teams, to keep spirits and motivation high by running important live event experiences for their staff.

In the UK, we are fortunate enough to be making great progress towards returning to a more face to face environment. This means in-person events will be back on the cards very soon, as an option for companies wishing to engage with their colleagues at a more meaningful level. But of course, what we have learnt from the past 12+ months, is that things can and do change and it’s impossible to know exactly what the future holds. This makes it challenging to plan with confidence and make decisions around your annual corporate event spend.

Thankfully, we at Blue Hat recognise this dilemma and have created a Covid Switch Guarantee to ensure you get the very best event experience when you need it.

How does it work and what does this mean to you?

You book one of our in-person team building activities for an event date later this year, in the hope that you’ll be able to get your team together for what is probably the first time in 18 months or more. If, nearer the time, Covid restrictions mean that the event can’t go ahead face to face in the way that you had planned, we will allow you to simply switch the activity to one that can take place (e.g. a virtual or hybrid event experience). If this situation occurs, we will recommend alternative options that most closely match your brief, so you continue to get the benefits from the event that you are looking for. You can even switch a virtual event to an in-person event, it works both ways!

Blue Hat has the most extensive portfolio of unique and award winning in-person and virtual team activities in the industry (probably in the world). These events, developed in-house at our Hertfordshire R&D centre, provide more unique, fun and sophisticated team event experiences, than you’ll find anywhere else under one roof.

Last year we entertained over 20,000 delegates in our virtual team building activities and over the last 20 years over 1,000,000 delegates have experienced a Blue Hat activity. You can see the independent feedback we’ve received here.

Blue Hat are the only team building and team activity provider that can offer such a wide range of award winning and unique virtual events and in-person event experiences, meaning we are best placed to service all your team activity event needs.

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