Tablet Treasure Hunts

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The internet is awash with people offering a tablet-based treasure hunt event, so how do you know which to choose? You only have one shot to get it right as you can’t ‘re-run’ your team meeting or event on the day or at a later date. So you need to be able to trust your chosen team building company to deliver the perfect experience for you and your colleagues.

We have a long history of organising and running tablet-based treasure hunts. Our tried and tested technology is an Event Tech Awards Winner. Designed to be versatile with many sophisticated features enabling us to create the very best adventures, it is also user-friendly and intuitive.

We have a large stock of the latest tablets for your teams to use and we can hire in an unlimited additional number, should your group size require it. Our app can cope with an unlimited number of teams, across multiple borders.

And it’s not just having the best technology, it’s also what you do with it. Our team have been recognised over 43 times by industry awards bodies for their creativity in team building design, so you can be confident that we’ll create the most interesting, challenging and fun experiences for your team, whether you are looking for a competitive or a collaborative activity.

We strive to fully understand your event brief so we can create a relevant experience where your group can explore their locale in a fun and entertaining way. Whether it is the surroundings of your venue, a guided tour of a capital city or an event running simultaneously in multiple locations around the globe… we can do it! Our technology has already accommodated clients in over 80 cities in 40 countries.


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