We spend time understanding your brief and creating solutions, which will form the basis of our on-day delivery plan. We check this with you during the pre-event preparation to ensure it meets your expectations and explain the approach we take and why it will deliver the results you desire.

On the day, our facilitator will establish rapport from the outset and set the scene for the day by addressing delegate’s ‘why’ and ‘what’ questions, as a pre-frame to the session.

Often a practical activity to help test what has been discovered forms part of the day’s agenda, after which our facilitator will ask thought provoking questions to help individuals learn through self-discovery – the most powerful form of learning.

We relate content from the practical session as meaningful analogy to life back at the office. We help your people understand the effect of their behaviours on others and highlight the benefits of getting this right every time.

We also help individuals create an action plan to focus on as part of their daily routine, to help them form new habits of positive behaviours.

Imagine the impact on motivation, culture and ultimately bottom-line performance if your whole team had even just one positive behavioural shift that they expressed on a daily basis when back in the office.

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