Evening Activities

Encouraging people to interact across the dinner table is a skill that any great host strives for. How confident do individuals in your department feel after they’ve used up the easy and obvious questions and lines of conversation with their colleagues at their dinner table?

Having made the time and monetary investment to organise a team dinner, help take the pressure off individuals to have to network for several hours, by including a fun and interesting dinner activity that gives everyone something to focus on together.

We have a wide range of activities that can be delivered before, after dinner, or event between courses. So rather than your diners being ‘stuck’ with the person next to them with nothing much more to say for the rest of the meal, now the whole table will want to get involved in an activity to become the champions of the evening.

The activities are light-hearted, fully inclusive, fun and engaging. They inevitably bring people out of their shells and allow others to see the real and non-work side of their colleague’s personalities.

Over Dinner Activities You Can Choose From

Each of our over dinner activities have been skillfully designed by our our expert event designers to ensure your team have an incredible experience. This selection of over dinner activities has been created to capture the imagination of the widest delegate demographic as they challenge a variety of skill sets.

As we are the originators of these concepts, the activities can easily be tailored to meet client requirements with confidence. Learn more about bespoke events here. Whichever event you choose, we’ll deliver it at the venue of your choice.

With a range of dinner games to choose from, whether you are looking for; an authentic gameshow experience (Gameshow Mania), a thrilling horse racing team experience (Night at the Races), to see how you match up against some real world records (In the Zone), to test your team brain power (Quizmania), to experience a cross between Antiques Roadshow and Call My Bluff (In the Know), or anything else…we will have the perfect activity for you and your team.

Browse our most popular dinner activities below. Click on the event logos to learn more. To discuss our full range of activity options, call us or {click here] to send us your requirements and we’ll respond quickly with options and pricing.


Game show mania

In the Know


Night at the Races

Our Survey Says

Murder Mistry Evening

“Absolutely fantastic. One of the best team of people I have worked with. Completely successful, all participants enjoyed the activity and were totally involved from start to finish.”~TUI

Planning Your Over Dinner Team Activity

Our team of event experts are always ready to help you coordinate your next over dinner team activity experience, leaving you to enjoy the fun on the day, whilst receiving praise from your colleagues for a job well done.

The importance of fun shared experiences within corporate teams cannot be overstated. When done right, they build a stronger unit of employees. The benefits to the company are wide reaching. Higher performing teams have higher levels of productivity, higher employee morale, stronger levels of motivation, higher staff retention rates, and a better ability to collaborate which only comes from a group of people who trust each other.

Our goal is to set your event up for success. Our team of activity experts will listen to what you want to achieve and recommend options to you based on the requirements you give us, to be sure of the perfect fit. This process has seen us deliver hundreds of over dinner events with average feedback scores over 97%.

We Stand by Our Philosophy to Be Pioneering Team Builders

A team that plays together stays together!

That’s why each of our over dinner corporate team activities has been specifically designed to boost morale as well as optimise team cohesion, helping colleagues get to know each other at a deeper level.

Our award-winning events are powered by innovation and technology for an engaging and seamless experience. The huge investments we’ve made over 20 years in the events we offer are unrivalled. This has allowed us to bring many ‘never seen before’ events to the team building market.

Always delivered by professional hosts on your event day, to maximise participant engagement and ensure inclusion at every level. And always fully supported with our dedicated support team to ensure a seamless experience.

A Way to Give Back

If you want to make a positive impact to your team, AND people in need around the world then we can help you turn your event into a Give-Back event. With access to a unique giving portal, we can convert your team scores into positive IMPACTS. The more points you score the bigger the IMPACT your team will make, to real people in need.

The resultant atmosphere and energy your team will experience during and at the end of the event will be remembered for a long time to come.

What’s Included inYour Over Dinner Team Activity?

If you would prefer to chat with one of our friendly team building experts, simply contact us and we’ll be happy to help you right away.

Why Choose Blue Hat Over-Dinner Team Events

If you would prefer to chat with one of our friendly team building experts, simply contact us and we’ll be happy to help you right away.

Contact Us for a Bespoke Event

Even with all the ready-made themed events that we offer, you might just want something extra special, made just for you!
Whatever your dream event may look like, share it with us and we’ll bring your vision to life.

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