Summer Team Building

Strengthen your team and improve employee morale. Now is the perfect time to book your summer team building events!

Event types to choose from:

Mystery Solving, Clue Hunting, Head Scratching, Creative Challenge Cracking, Record Breaking, Chariot Racing, Movie Making, Tablet City Adventuring, Giant Rube Goldberg Style Machine Constructing, World Saving, Fun Fantasy Theme Immersing, Charity Give-Backing…

We have Business Games, Competitive & Collaborative Team Building Activities, Gameshow Experiences, Themed Quiz Shows, Team Dinner Networking Fun, Summer Games, indoor and out and many unique events to choose from!


Activity Levels: low – high

Event Durations: 1 – 8 HOURS

Number of teams: 2 – 100+

Group Sizes: 10 – 1,000+


Locations: UK & Worldwide

We’re recommended by organizations, such as:

“Outstanding!!!! From start to finish Blue Hat delivered an incredible service.
Hells Bells was something else and Peter was great. We would recommend it highly.

Your dedication, professionalism and customer service levels to running events are AMAZING!
Blue Hat will be my first point of contact for our events!
Thank you guys for making the event seem seamless.~ USAA

Outdoor Summer Events

Summer Activities You Can Choose From

Each of our summer activities have been skillfully designed and built by our in-house Product Design Team to ensure your team have an incredible experience. These innovative activities will capture the engagement of the widest delegate demographic as they challenge a variety of skill sets.

By creating these unique concepts ourselves, we can easily tailor them to meet your requirements. Learn more about bespoke events here. We’ll be happy to deliver whichever event you choose, at any venue of your choice, inside or outside.

Browse our top summer events below and click to learn more. To discuss our full range of activity options, send us an enquiry.

Team Quest

Using the very latest in GPS and communication technology, this is a treasure hunt with more interactivity and versatility than any other.

Wacky Races

Indulge in all the thrills and spills of a themed company Grand Prix. Design and build your dream machine and get the best place on the grid to win the race!

Game of Kings

The most amazing life size board game you will play! Imagine the world’s biggest board game, packed full of creative challenges where you are the characters.

Tribal Olympics

This event brings unusual native team games from the far corners of the world together in a fun and competitive team experience.

Roman Races

Inspired by the chariot races depicted in the epic film Ben Hur, this is your chance to become charioteers and experience the excitement, thrills and spills of the Roman Races.

Corporate World Record Breakers

This is your team’s chance to join the hall of fame and earn a place in history as they try their hand at breaking a series of corporate world records.

Goodwill Quest

Teams use our Team Quest Tablets to adventure around a city, solving tasks and challenegs to generate charity IMPACTS for good causes, creating an unrivalled team experience.

In the Zone

A series of game zones that house unique, fun and hilarious challenges. Designed as the perfect networking games, they are fun to play and super entertaining to watch.

The Diamond Dome

Jump into the Diamond Dome and catch the fluttering foils! The Diamond Dome will bring back memories of famous TV shows. Now it is your turn to take on the challenges and be the star.

Living Logos

A collaborative communication activity where individuals link with each other to complete their part of the giant logo. Fun and entertaining with an amazing video cut to music as a takeaway.

“Super easy to set up, lovely people to work with, and fabulous ideas for team building! We booked our activity so close to the event but they were super organised and had everything ready in no time. They were also incredibly flexible with us given we were unsure what time the activity would be able to start on the day. Your team who arrived on the day were so friendly and engaging – highly recommend and we will definitely use Blue Hat for future events!”~ Banham

Indoor Summer Events

Planning Your Summer Event

Our facilitators are always ready to help you coordinate your next team building event, leaving you to enjoy the fun and take all the credit!

Hells Bells

Hanging on a fictitious story of delightfulness, heroism and wickedness, your team must to unravel the logic, weave together results of multitude of tasks, in order to complete the giant theatrical structures from which to tell the tale and find the answers you seek.

Da Vinci Code

An astonishing team quest to experience. Visit the stunningly crafted museum's exhibits to find clues left by the curator, giding you to solving the mystery of the famous Da Vinci Code!

The Crystal Challenge

Jump into the Crystal Dome and catch the fluttering foils! The Crystal Challenge will bring back memories of the famous TV show. Now it is your turn to take on the challenges and be the star.

Beat the Clock

The ultimate corporate team building event to test your time management, decision making under pressure and team strategy. It will generate more energy in your conference room than you've ever seen before!

Trading Wars

All the thrills, spills and competitive energy of the famous London Stock Exchange. Get ready to enter a world of high stakes trading to succeed and become the big city rollers.


Eden is often described as one of the most ingenious team building events available. The game is based on teams striving for success while having to be aware of the impact their decisions have on those around them.


Animate is an experience based around the amazing technology of stop-frame animation. In teams, your group are given the challenge of creating a unique digital animation sequence.


Learn how to master your teams strengths. The Tri Master challenge offers tasks which are cerebral, physical and creative. Teams must discover how to use each others strengths in the most effective way.

For your indoor or outdoor team building event, choose from a variety of activities to INNOVATE, HAVE FUN & COLLABORATE with your team this summer.

Incredible team building events don’t happen by chance. It takes huge creativity, organisational skill, resourcefulness and experience. And such a combination of skills is hard to find all within one provider.

2 More Reasons to Book Now

1) We build your activity around your wish list so your team can enjoy a truly personalised experience. Take advantage of our special early bird offer and we’ll include additional tailoring of your event for no extra cost!

3) Plus… for each and every early bird event booked, Blue Hat will donate 1,000 IMPACTS to people in need!

A team-building event will bring your team closer together. With the increasing culture of remote working, it will give people the opportunity to reconnect face to face in a more meaningful and fun way.

We’re here to make sure your event goes smoothly! Our team building experts will work with you to select and plan the right corporate event for your upcoming gathering.

We  deliver all our events in accordance with the government H&S guidelines to ensure the comfort and safety of your in-person delegates.

roman races

What’s Included in Your Summer Event?

A Way to Give Back

If you want to make a positive impact not just on your team, but on people in need around the world, then why not turn your event into a Give-Back event?

Our unique giving portal allows you to convert your team scores into positive IMPACTS. The more points you score, the bigger your impact will be!

Why Choose Blue Hat For Your Event

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Tell us about your dream event, and we’ll make it come true.

We Plant a Tree For Every Enquiry Made

Blue Hat pledges to plant one tree with every enquiry made in 2023 and we plant one tree for every 10 delegates who participate in one of our events.

That means whether you book with us or not, just by making an enquiry with us today…… a tree gets planted!

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