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The Concept

The most amazing life size board game you will play

Imagine the world’s biggest board game, packed full of creative challenges where you are the players. Welcome to Game of Kings. In this Game of Thrones style event, teams arrive in the unconquered land of Kudos where they are divided into tribes. The objective of the game is for each tribe to gain ownership of as much land as possible to grow and develop the dominant kingdom of Kudos.


How It Works

In order to grow teams must move around the board to secure land and territory. However the other tribes have the same objective. Teams must earn resources to build defences and secure an army to go on the attack. In order to do this tribes must complete a number of Crystal Maze style challenges, all linked to the theme of the game.

Every two minutes teams can make a move on the board. For each move you can build, progress your army and reinforce your defences. Strategy and multi-tasking is the name of the game for this event. Whilst some execute strategic decisions at the board, others within your team head off to complete the tasks to earn the right resources. If the other teams are attacking you, do you build your defence rather than your armies? Roles rotate throughout the game meaning everyone is always involved.

As the state of play constantly changes teams have to quickly revise their strategies to stay one step ahead. As team building activities go, this is a totally unique fast paced and very clever event packed full of variety, camaraderie and the odd dirty trick or two.

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To me Hells Bells is the king of team building events – after 22 years in the business it stands out a mile as the best, the most demanding, the most entertaining and the most complete event. Peter Lindford, Event Professional.





Great For

  • Communicaion
  • Strategy
  • Planning


Activity Details

Number of participants:                10 – 500

Indoors or outdoors:                      Both

Event locations:                                UK & Europe


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