Outdoor Team Building Activities and Events

When the great British weather blesses us with sunshine, our unique, fun, outdoor events are the perfect way to bring unity and laughter to your team. Whether your team has 10 people or 1,000+, we have activities to help you get re-energized with an outdoor breath of fresh air. Your team will feel instantly more energized, connected and part of your company community.

Design and race pedal go-karts converted to trotting horses, around a track like a scene from Ben Hur with our Roman Races. Explore your favourite location on foot, in BMW Minis, in London Black Taxis, in high speed rib boats, in helicopters and more with one of our long-proven tablet-based treasure hunt adventures. Enjoy some friendly competition with a mini Olympics event at any venue of your choice.

We have over 43 outdoor based activities accessible for you to choose from, many of which are recognized for their exceptional quality. And if you have something new in mind, we can bring it to life in our workshops with our bespoke event design service.

Browse our large selection of outdoor events and activities designed to exhilarate and challenge your team.

Activities You Can Choose From

Each of our outdoor activities have been skill fully designed and built by our in-house Product Design Team to ensure your team have an incredible experience. These innovative outdoor activities will capture the engagement of the widest delegate demographic as they challenge a variety of skill sets.

By creating these unique concepts ourselves, the activities can easily be tailored by our in-house design team to meet client requirements with confidence. Learn more about bespoke events here. Whichever event you choose, we’ll be able to deliver it, at any venue of your choice.

With over 100 themed activity concepts to call upon, whether you are looking to simply get outdoors to energize your team and have fun, or solve a team quest challenge in your favourite location, we will have the perfect activity for you and your team.

Browse our top outdoor events below and click to learn more. To discuss our full range of activity options, send us an enquiry.

If outdoor events are not what you’re looking for right now, view our exciting range of outdoor events here.

Team Quest

The Diamond Dome

Wacky Races

Roman Races

Code Overload

Game of Kings

Rough Guide

Extraction Point

Corporate World Records

The event so extremely well facilitated, all staff we’re friendly and engaging and the whole function came away; energized, happy and with knowledge to help them work in the future~Anchor

Planning Your Outdoor Team Building Activity

Our facilitators are always ready to help you coordinate your next team building event, leaving you to enjoy the fun and take all the credit!

When a team building event is done right, it will build a stronger unit of employees. Team building has many benefits for corporations. It improves productivity, boosts employee morale, motivation, retention, and encourages collaboration and builds trust and understanding among employees.

We’re here to set your event up for success. Our team building experts will help you select and plan your upcoming indoor events so that you can be sure it’s the right fit for you.

All our in-person events will be delivered in accordance with the government H&S guidelines to ensure the safety of your in-person delegates and are covered by our Covid Switch Guarantee.

We Stand by Our Philosophy to Be Pioneering Team Builders.

A team that plays together stays together! That’s why each of our indoor corporate activities has been specifically designed to boost morale as well as optimize team cohesion and productivity. Our award winning virtual and in-person events are powered by innovation and technology for an engaging and seamless experience. Delivered by professional hosts to ensure inclusion and excitement at every event, while being fully supported with our dedicated tech support team.

A Way to Give Back

If you want to make a positive impact not just on your team, but to people in need around the world then why not turn your event into a Give-Back event. Using our unique giving portal, we can convert your team scores into positive IMPACTS. The more points you score the bigger the impact!

What’s Included in Your Outdoor Team Building Event?

Why Choose Blue Hat Outdoor Events

If you would prefer to chat with one of our friendly team building experts, simply contact us and we’ll be happy to help you right away.

Contact Us for a Bespoke Event

Even with all the readymade themed events that we offer, you might just want something extra special, made just for you! Whatever your dream event may look like, share it with us and we’ll bring your vision to life.
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