The Diamond Dome

Get ready to dive into the excitement as we invite you to jump into the giant Dome and catch the fluttering foils in this fully mobile team building extravaganza. We bring the fun directly to the venue of your choice, ensuring convenience and flexibility.

Activity Levels: high | Event Duration: 2-3 HOURS | Number of teams: 2 – 100+ | Group Sizes: 10 – 1,000+ | Venue: OUTDOOR | Locations: UK & Worldwide | Outcome: Team Work, Strategy & Fun

The Crystal Challenge

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What is The Diamond Dome?

The Diamond Zone Experience – Jump into the giant Dome and catch the fluttering foils!

A fully mobile team building experience that we bring to the venue of your choice.

We have created a series of sophisticated and intelligent team-based puzzles, challenges and activities. Each of these challenges is themed to one of the main game zones that teams will visit during their experience.

The themed zones chosen for your event will include a selection from the following; The
Diamond Dome Zone, The Jurassic Zone, The Industrial Zone, The Skill Zone, The Medieval Zone, The Have a Go Zone and more.

Teams theatrically enter each zone through the Zone arch and enjoy spending time on
challenges themed to the specific zone they are in.

The props and equipment teams interact with have been expertly conceived and lovingly hand-
crafted creating a series of visually stunning challenges that will impress your delegates.

There are no ‘ropes, planks and barrels’ here, but a selection of unique, highly detailed and
beautifully presented props and equipment that help your delegates become totally immersed in the experience.

They’ll still be talking about it in years to come.

And as this is a fully mobile experience, it means you can enjoy it at your offices or any venue of your choice. Space permitting, we can run the experience for you inside, or outside or a combination of both.

It’s also scalable to run from a small team of 8, with no upper limit (we’ve run it for a group of
over 400 delegates previously).

The Diamond Dome Experience

How it Works

In Teams, you will spend time in each zone attempting the themed challenges on offer. Every time you are successful, you earn more time in the Diamond Dome finale.

The whole experience is hosted by our Diamond Dome Master and supported by Zone Keepers.

The number of zones, challenges and how long you have in each zone is flexible to your needs. We design your experience around your meeting agenda, numbers and chosen venue.

The finale sees teams take their place in the famous Dome trying to catch as many gold foils as possible (whilst avoiding the silver ones!) The team that earned the most time in the Dome won’t necessarily be the winners!

We have the largest mobile Dome available in the industry, which has some new and unique features built into the design to enhance your experience:

  •  It’s 5m in height making it the largest mobile Dome in the industry. This impressive size will make for a more visually stunning experience for your guests.
  • Its 5m diameter can accommodate more people without being over-crowded, hot or sweaty.
  • It has a newly designed entrance hatch which means the Dome remains fully inflated whilst teams enter and exit (other domes deflate when you enter and exit them).
  • It has additional blowers and cleverly designed blowing holes to create a stronger vortex which means the foils fly around in a more visually impressive way (and don’t just get stuck to one side as you’ll find with other domes).
  • It has areas that can be used for branding opportunities, so you can have your company name and logo placed on the Dome for your event, creating a more unique and personalised experience for your delegates.
  • It can be used inside and out.

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Client Feedback

“Just wanted to thank you once more for a
great event last week! From initial site visit to
completion has been a smooth and problem
free process. I’ve had great feedback from
delegates and wanted to say thank you and I
hope we will work together again.

What’s Included in Your Event?

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That means whether you book with us or not, just by making an enquiry with us today…… a tree gets planted!

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