Blue Hat does more than inspire and motivate the world’s best companies. It is a place to explore potential and push the boundaries in team engagement from what has come before. Blue Hat looks for people who can grow, think, dream, create and deliver. If the idea of working with an expert and multi-award winning team by bringing skills and positive energy to help shape a challenging and evolving industry is not for you, then please don’t apply.

If you feel you can contribute to our mission in one of the following areas, please email with your CV and a covering letter to tell us why and to find out in more detail what the perfect role for you entails.


Freelance event team – whether it be an in-person or virtual event, or anything in between, if you have energy and desire to do whatever it takes to ensure delegates on our events have a great experience, then drop us a note.

Associate facilitators – when more specific learning outcomes are required, we draw on our expert team of associate facilitators. If you have the energy, experience and a specific learning and development expertise and would like to support our client people development projects, then tell us about yourself.

Part time project managers – as the number of events we’re asked to deliver continues to grow, we’ll be in need of more people to help us deliver the experiences in exacting detail. Quality is always the key, from the first interaction, through the preparations on the lead up to the event day itself. Only exceptional organisers with bags of positive energy and who get great satisfaction from the most positive post event feedback need apply.

Full time event consultants – with a wonderfully diverse client base that is growing all the time, we receive the most interesting requests to help shape corporate teams. If you have the ability to listen, understand and create great solutions for our corporate customers (often utilising our existing portfolio of activities, or starting from scratch), then you might be just who we’re looking for.

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