Graduate programmes are essential to both train up new starters and for attracting the very best graduate intake from around the country/world each year.

A typical grad program has many modules as individuals learn about the different areas of the business. It is also an essential time to build trust, respect and rapport with peers, who together can be supportive of each other as they grow and develop through their careers at your firm.

We have been asked to design and deliver graduate programme modules for major multinationals for over a decade. Our fun and engaging arsenal of novel and unique activities that we have designed, built, delivered and refined over the years, coupled with our expert facilitators enables us to meet any outcome you desire for the Graduate programme you have in mind.

Each activity is fully customisable, so you can choose a fully personalised experience to maximise engagement and get your key messages across in the most meaningful and memorable way.

If you want your future team to express their creativity, get to know each other better, explore a locale, reinforce messages from their induction programme… you decide; we’ll create and deliver.



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