Virtual Team Building Activities & Online Team Events

In the era of working remotely, virtual team building is the solution. The lack of human connection and company culture can take its toll on your motivation and your productivity.

Our virtual team building activities are designed to help your team enhance communication, have fun, combat isolation blues, and stop them going from ‘working remotely’ to ‘remotely working’!

Each of our events will build stronger connections, generate comradery, strengthen your company culture, and create a sense of community for remote teams.

Regular online team events will enable your team to continue to build upon their relationships even when miles apart, so they can work better together and stay on track with reaching your quarterly goals.

Virtual Team Building Activities

Virtual Team Building Activities You Can Choose From

Our portfolio of virtual events is ever expanding to bring you the latest innovations and trending themes.

Using the latest technology and programming, most of our virtual activities are browser based, which means you don’t need to download any apps and you don’t need to have any pre-event team briefings. Your guests simply log into your preferred video platform (Zoom, MS Teams, etc.) at the agreed time and we take care of the rest.
Browse the events below and click to learn more.
If fully virtual is not what you’re looking for right now, view our range of traditional in-person team building activities here

Mission Energise

The Wellbeing Wake Up

Around the World in 80 Ways

Festival Gatecrash

Our Survey Says

Murder By Midnight

Virtual Escape Rooms: The Mystery Mansion

Virtual Day at the Races

Virtual Escape Rooms: Dreadful Dungeons

The Great British Virtual Pub Quiz

TeamWork Canvas

Virtual Escape Rooms: The Lockdown Levels

Virtual Who’s Who

Digital Masterpiece

Cartoon Warehouse

Personalised Gift Boxes

Excellent support in the lead up to our event which had almost 200 guests. The team are very professional and were particularly helpful talking through and advising on specifics of virtual platform usage to make sure things went smoothly. The team-building event itself went very well and our client was very happy. We will be using Blue Hat again for sure.Square Productions

Planning Your Virtual Team Building Activity

A remote challenge should never be a challenge to plan! That’s why we take care of the difficult part, leaving you to enjoy the fun.

Feeling under pressure to pick something good? A sub-par online event can waste your team’s time, damage your reputation and leave your team with post meeting zoom gloom.

We’re here to set your event up for success. Our team development experts will help you plan your virtual events and even show you a live demonstration so you can play before the big day.

Using our award-winning easy to use technology, we can effortlessly facilitate our innovative virtual team building events for your entire workforce, wherever they are in the world.

We Stand by Our Philosophy to Be Pioneering Team Builders

A team that plays together stays together! That’s why each of our virtual activities have been specifically designed to boost morale as well optimise team cohesion and productivity. Our award winning virtual and in-person events are powered by innovation and technology for an engaging and seamless experiences. Delivered by professional hosts to ensure inclusion and excitement at every event, while being fully supported by our dedicated tech support team.

What’s Included in Your Virtual Team Building Event?


Small teams shouldn’t have to miss out on big events! That’s why we make all our best events accessible to you at an affordable price.

Every month you can join “Big Events for Small Teams” – a fully hosted trending event on the last Friday of the every month at 3pm.

Open to any small team, anywhere in the world, for a fraction of the price.


We believe virtual group activities and online team events should be every bit as engaging, which is why our virtual events are built around YOU!

Create the perfect bespoke event to help you engage your delegates fully. We’ll provide visually stunning and immersive events for your audience using personalised branding, company messaging, in-game graphics and gifting options.


There’s something extra special about receiving a surprise gift in the mail!

That’s why you have the option to make your event even more memorable by sending your delegates customised gift boxes ahead of their event.

Personalised gift boxes can include activity props and clues, a selection of high-quality food and beverages and company branded collateral.


If you want to make a positive impact not just on your team, but to people in need around the world, then why not turn your event into a Give-Back event?

Using our unique giving portal, we can transfer your team scores into positive IMPACTS. The more points you score the bigger the impact your team will make.

We take care of setting this up for you so all you need to do is turn up and score points!

Why Choose Blue Hat Virtual Events


What devices will I need?

All of our virtual team building activities can be played using any smartphone or tablet.

Do I need access to a webcam?

It is best if you turn it on as it will enhance your experience, but you can still play the game without a webcam.

Will I need access to the Internet?

Yes, you will need internet access to join a video conference with your colleagues so you can play together and if we’re running a hosted event (rather than self-run), so you can see and hear and interact with our host.

What video conference software do I require to have a Blue Hat virtual team building experience?

We can run our activities over pretty much any video conferencing software. Currently, Zoom offers the most functionality, but if you have one in mind that we’ve not used yet, we’ll check it out to make sure it does everything we need it to do.

Do Blue Hat Teambuilding provide the smartphones or tablets?

There’s no need for virtual activities as you can enjoy playing from the comfort of your own home using your own devices. (When we run our face to face activities (when not in lockdown, then yes we provide the devices).

How long do the activities last?

Our set activities tend to range from 30 – 90 minutes. We also have an option that you can participate in throughout a day or week (by dipping in and out of it).

To find out more how virtual events are run, read our Virtual Activities FAQs.

If you would prefer to chat with one of our friendly team building experts, simply contact us and we’ll be happy to help you right away.

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