What devices will I need?

All of our virtual team building activities can be played using any smartphone or tablet.

Do I need access to a webcam?

It is best if you turn it on as it will enhance your experience, but you can still play the game without a webcam.

Will I need access to the Internet?

Yes, you will need internet access to join a video conference with your colleagues so you can play together and if we’re running a hosted event (rather than self-run), so you can see and hear and interact with our host.

What video conference software do I require to have a Blue Hat virtual team building experience?

We can run our activities over pretty much any video conferencing software. Currently, Zoom offers the most functionality, but if you have one in mind that we’ve not used yet, we’ll check it out to make sure it does everything we need it to do.

Do Blue Hat Teambuilding provide the smartphones or tablets?

There’s no need for virtual activities as you can enjoy playing from the comfort of your own home using your own devices. (When we run our face to face activities (when not in lockdown, then yes we provide the devices).

How long do the activities last?

Our set activities tend to range from 30 – 90 minutes. We also have an option that you can participate in throughout a day or week (by dipping in and out of it).

How much are the activities?

We have a suite of activities that range from £4 per person to £30 – per person (prices are subject to VAT).

Can you tailor the content to match my business needs/ brand/ values/ key messages, etc?

Absolutely. Blue Hat is built upon the premise of personalised experiences, which make the participant experience more meaningful and memorable and gives your business a higher ROI. Usually the entire content can be personalised. There would be a cost for the time it takes to do this for you, which we’d quote you for up front.

Is the game available in multiple languages?

They can be. If you need it in a language that we don’t yet support, we can create it given enough lead time.

What is the minimum and maximum group sizes?

Our suite of activities cater for all group sizes from 10-unlimited

What countries can participants play from?

Any country around the world. We recently ran our virtual escape room for 50 delegates who played from 8 different countries simultaneously!

How do we prepare for the activity?

Either we’d simply explain it as part of the introduction at the time of playing (so no prep), or if required, we will provide easy to follow set up instructions so players can arrive ready and prepared (e.g. download our App and your bespoke game in advance of joining the video conference). For extra guidance we have short video tutorials you can watch too.

Have a question that isn’t covered above? Ask us on 01992 554 567 or enq@bluehat-teambuilding.co.uk

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