Test your brain, brawn and creative edge. Tri-Master is the perfect indoor event when time and space are limited. Scalable to groups of any size, Tri-Master offers a highly entertaining option where delegates need to re-energise at conferences, meetings, and dinners.


Event Duration: 45mins-90mins Group Sizes: unlimited | Venue: INSIDE | Locations: UK & Worldwide | Outcome: Fun, Energising, Fast-Paced

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What Is Tri-Master?

Teams are presented with a tablet and a bag of kit to complete the Tri Master challenge. Offering tasks which are cerebral, physical and creative means that everyone can get involved and teams must discover how to use these strengths in the most effective way.

The tablet presents each challenge to the team and they use the items in their team kit bag to help answer them. Answers can be by video, photo or written and the tablet cleverly scores each answer automatically, enabling an instant scoring system with live leader

“Mark and the team did such an amazing job! They were always on hand to regroup around the timings which were always changing. 
Everyone at the event got stuck in, even me! Your team had everything covered and running smoothly so I had the capacity to get lost in the games myself. The activity worked really well with how varied it was. Even within their groups it was varied in solo challenges vs pairs vs group challenges. Thanks again for all your help setting it up at such short notice. It went without a hitch and everyone enjoyed themselves.”
~ WorldPay

How it Works

Using our Event Tech Awards-winning software, teams are presented with tablets to access the different levels of the game. Successful teams are those who discover their strengths and use this knowledge to their advantage.

Typically played in the same room, teams complete 5 levels of in-person challenges, each level increasing in difficulty and testing the teams’ cerebral, physical and creative skills.

Learning how to use individuals’ skills to best effect, each team chooses who to lead them through the different challenges to move on to the next level.

Additional bonus rounds present opportunities to gamble with team points for a high-risk, high-stakes strategy.

This is a team activity that promotes networking and helps develop positive and trusting relationships between colleagues, Tri-Master can include company specific questions for that added personal touch.

A team-building event will bring your team closer together. With the increasing culture of remote working, it will give people the opportunity to reconnect face to face in a more meaningful and fun way.

We’re here to make sure your event goes smoothly! Our team building experts will work with you to select and plan the right corporate event for your upcoming gathering.

We  deliver all our events in accordance with the government H&S guidelines to ensure the comfort and safety of your in-person delegates.

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