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Environmental team building with a collaborative twist

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Eden is often described as one of the most ingenious team building events available. The game is based on teams striving for success while having to be aware of the impact their decisions have on those around them.

eventia-2013-silver EdenTeams arrive at base camp, where (in competition) they are challenged with building the ultimate sustainable community. There are numerous variations, typical to real life, which teams must work with in order for their community to survive.

In order to build their community, groups travel around the world to complete a number of fun international challenges, each of which has an educational value. Did you know how much energy your TV uses when left overnight on standby? Each challenge completed will earn teams travel resources and funds which they need to build and develop their community.

Every time a team travels they incur obvious damage to the environment. Some methods of travel are cheaper than others; however the lower value options tend to have more impact on the planet. A giant gauge monitors emission. When you’re in the green you’re safe, however as soon as the gauge hits the red, recovery is the only option. Teams have to unite and reverse the damage. It will cost them though! The trick is for teams to recognise the need to work together and reduce emissions rather than adopting a gung-ho approach and inviting impact.

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