The Concept

The circus with attitude: where you become the stars.

Forget Coco the Clown, performing poodles and the lion tamer. This is Circus Skills – an upbeat, fast-moving, motivational and challenging team building event where delegates work together to discover hidden talents, so that on return to work, they approach tasks and projects with an invigorated and infectiously positive attitude.

Our professional circus performers open the show with an edgy and entertaining demonstration whilst The Ringmaster engages the audience and announces that with the right mental attitude, they too will soon be performing many of the acts they have just seen.


How It Works

Once divided into teams, the budding street performers rotate round separate zones to learn skills such as feather balancing, devil sticks, juggling, extreme Diablo, plate-spinning, low wire walking, stilt walking, rolla bolla and even Extreme Bar Skills!  With instruction at each zone by our professional circus performers, the participants realise that with a positive attitude most challenges are achievable.

Circus Skills is not only personally motivational; it is also about supporting others to achieve their own goals. This unusual, adrenaline-fuelled event inspires participants to go beyond their personal and shared expectations, while at the same time reinforcing your message in an effective and engaging way.

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Great For

  • Fun and Motivation
  • New Skills
  • Energising a Team


Activity Details

Number of participants:                50 – 500

Indoors or outdoors:                      Both

Event locations:                                UK & Worldwide


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